As a tool of the work, it is imperative that we as clinicians continue to cultivate and nurture our own inner lives. Creative Depth was born out of a desire to facilitate this essential directive and our programs are purposefully designed to support you in cultivating a deep and meaningful relationship with the inner realm. Over the years we have come to more fully realize that learning ways to develop an ongoing relationship with the inner landscape also brings more depth and meaning to clinical work and enlivens the therapeutic process. 


Depth psychology refers to the process and practice of investigating the unconscious. This form of psychology seeks to delve into and explore the depths of the psyche in order to elucidate symbolic material that lies outside conscious awareness. This symbolic material is the language of the unconscious that bridges the gap between the conscious and unconscious to reveal hidden resources that can bolster vitality.

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The study and application of depth psychology and its principles supports the establishment and maintenance of a vital connection to deeper meaning and purpose. Creative depth has carefully crafted programs based on these principles that are interesting, easy to grasp, and creatively designed to make your learning experience enjoyable and fun. Our programs and courses provide exposure to and direct application of depth psychological principles that are aimed to instigate self-reflection and provide you with opportunities to nurture your relationship with the unconscious and deepen your psychological insight. We aim to support you in cultivating and nurturing a meaningful relationship with the inner realm so you can acquire a deeper appreciation for the innate intelligence of the unconscious. Through your own lived-experience you will begin to recognize and appreciate the value of incorporating depth psychological concepts into your practice.

  • Discover¬†Creative ways to access Unconscious Material
  • Cultivate and practice the Art of Dream Inquiry
  • Develop Skills to Support Ongoing Self-Discovery
  • Learn Pragmatic Tools that Deepen Clinical Work
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Wendy Balconi, Ph.D., LCSW

Educated in both the UK and the US, Wendy holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work, and a Ph.D. in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. Wendy has training and experience in a wide variety of therapeutic approaches with a particular interest in Jungian Psychology. Through her many years of practice Wendy has developed a profound admiration and respect for the unconscious. Wendy first discovered a relationship to the unconscious as a commercial artist and has particular interest in those involved in the creative arts.

As a depth psychologist with a strong background in the Arts Wendy continues to actively create through writing, painting, collage, sculpture, active imagination, dream work and Argentine Tango.¬†‚ÄčWendy is passionate about working with those who desire to delve into the self-discovery process or wish to explore their creative work in depth. Additionally, Wendy serves as a board member of¬†Charlotte Friends of Jung¬†non-profit organization and is dedicated to sharing depth psychological principals with a wider audience.

Marc Adams, LMSW, MBA

Marc has always been attracted to learning new ways of seeing and approaching life's many situations and challenges. Much like Carl Jung, Marc grew up with a father who was a minister providing access to deep psychological material and spiritual traditions from a very early age. Marc continued to be exposed to new perspectives by immersing himself into many fields of study, philosophies, different cultures, and a variety of living and work environments including living abroad. These experiences provided a backdrop towards developing  particular areas of interest including Jungian psychology, Sufi traditions, Non-duality and Fourth Way teachings. Many of the teachings derive from various sources including C.G. Jung, M. Nicoll, B. Gibson, G.I. Gurdjieff, I. Shah, J. Krishnamurti, R. Spira among others. These new perspectives served as portals to opening a new way of being and experiencing.

Marc‚Äôs professional journey has included working in the volatile banking industry for over 28 years before acquiring a psychotherapy license while navigating major life transitions. He also dedicated years to learning guitar concentrating on Flamenco, dancing focusing on Argentine tango, and intensive study abroad programs to gain fluency in multiple languages. One key element that has remained constant throughout the years has been a magnetic attraction to inner work and, ultimately, the desire to partner with others in facilitating their journey to experience new perspectives and new ways of being.¬†‚ÄčAdditionally, Marc serves as a board member of¬†Charlotte Friends of Jung¬†non-profit organization. This interest and expertise in Jungian Psychology also informs his therapeutic approach.

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Introduction to Depth Psychology

A foundational introduction to Depth psychology with a strong emphasis on the Jungian perspective. 

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Cultivate the Art of Dream Work

Learn the value of utilizing dream work in your clinical practice and practice the art of dream inquiry.

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Support Ongoing Self-Discovery

Develop skills and creative techniques to uncover unconscious material for personal growth and development.  

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